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About Us

Who We Are

We are a leading company for toothpastes and shaving creams we have worked hard for years to achieve this position that we have now. Krishna Cosmatics ‘s is a brand that can be trusted and can be depended upon, we have reached the global markets not just because of our brand name but also due to our 100 % genuine and trusted product.

Our ingredients that we imbibe in our toothpaste and shaving creams are totally taken from the nature so that it could be beneficial to everyone and can be suitable for every skin tone.

What We Do

We at Krishna cosmetic’s ever since the time of our inception we have been trying to serve our customers with the best we can offer. Our products have stayed in demand from a very long time and they still are because of our product quality and today’s scenario is that our client services have reached the global market and our number of customers are still in counting.

What we do exactly is that we create a genuine range of toothpastes and shaving creams which are not harsh on its surface but still efficiently complete their task .


Our mission right from the time when we created this firm and till now is that we provide our customers with a product which could be reliable and beneficial at all times we want a healthier India in which people no more use harmful chemicals on daily bases which can damage their health.

We want to create a healthier habit for our country a healthier option so that excess uses of chemicals could be reduced to some extent this is our minute contribution for a healthier India.


We see that now a day everyone be it old, young and children everyone is dependent on chemical based products from shampoos to hair oils if not chemical ingredients then it can be chemically produced products which are used in every corner of the world and the side effects might not occur instantly it occurs after few weeks or years for that matter but the damage is inevitable.

Why Us

Manufacturing Unit

Our manufacturing unit falls in our extreme care zone where we make a deep study on many factors like how well is our material, exact amount of mixtures, the end product’s texture, the mixing proportions and many more.

Durable Products

We do not compromise by any way in our raw materials which is why we are considered as a trusted name in the market. Our product is an amalgamation of best natural raw materials with latest techniques in the making of it which creates Krishna’s best toothpastes and shaving cream.


Our team of manufacturers and supervisor not only pay a close look on the manufacturing unit but also pays attention to the raw materials, the quality of goods, the sterilization of the machines and also the cleanliness of the workers who work in the manufacturing unit.

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