Colodent whitening toothpaste

One of our premium products in the toothpaste Category is Colodent Whitening Toothpaste which has the best formula for reducing stains and yellowness from your teeth with regular use over a period of time. This toothpaste not only brings a bright smile on your face but also takes care of your teeth. Our whitening toothpaste not only removes stain, it also helps in maintaining over all hygiene of your teeth.

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Cologel red gel toothpaste

Our Cologel Red Gel is a combination of herbs in gel formula which stops tooth decay, maintains Healthy gums and long lasting fresh breath throughout the day. It has unique formula of ancient herbal methods in gel form making it easy for use. Cologel Red Gel is the best when it comes to Maintaining overall health of your mouth. Our Colgel Red Gel is available in 10 ml,50ml, 100ml,150ml..

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Neemodent neem herbal toothpaste

Neem has antibacterial properties that heal and protects, Our Neemodent Herbal Toothpaste is made from the best quality herbal neem content for giving your teeth protection from germs and tooth decay maintaining fresh breath all the time. Neemodent Neem herbal Toothpaste makes your teeth stronger, brighter and germ free. Regular use of our Neemodent Neem herbal Toothpaste can keep all the teeth issues away and gives protection for long.

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Hellodent herbal toothpaste

Hellodent Herbal Toothpaste is made from all natural ingredients extracted from herbs. It helps in protection from germs, tooth decay, cavities, tartar formation. The benefits of our Hellodent Herbal Toothpaste are immense as it not only helps in protection of Teeth but in giving long lasting benefits of Herbs.

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GL Dentocare Toothpaste

GL Dentocare Toothpaste is a dental cream approved from indian government approved laboratories and is under the guidenace of indian standard index. it is free from gluten,paraben and gmo. The toothpaste give complete oral care and protects teeth from plaque, pyorrhea, decaying and bacterial infections as it has the properties of clove, neem and mint. It is a herbal formulation and is 100% vegan. It has strong antiseptic eliminating germs properties and helps in healing of internal wounds .

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Crolon Glamology Toothpaste

Crolon Glamology Toothpaste is a dental cream with the extracts of coconut ,ganoderma ,clove and neem that give bright ,strong and healthy teeth. It has mint that provides fresh breadth throughout the day. Crolon glamology toothpaste is a tested product and doesn’t contain any harmful chemical.

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